Sainsbury’s – ‘Taste the Indifference’ Campaign

d9f4af_dd3bb37d34bb499a91a2612c1a1d1c24Report of our first action in Shrewsbury on Saturday, 7 March 2016

Shropshire Friends of Palestine held a successful action to alert customers of Sainsbury’s to the store’s selling of goods grown on stolen Palestinian land in their stores.

The group has written twice to the local store manager without receiving a response, so in common with a number of concerned people across the UK, who have been campaigning outside Sainsbury’s supermarkets for 2 years, we took action by handing out information leaflets and collecting signatures on a petition to send to Sainsbury’s.

Since 1967, Israel has built 37 illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley (Occupied Palestinian Territories), evicting nearly 80% of the Palestinian people who owned and farmed that land. These settlements depend for survival on Israeli export companies, such as Mehadrin and EDOM.

Sainsbury’s continues to trade with these companies, despite a 2 year long campaign telling it about this crime and asking Sainsbury’s to engage with the issue. We want Sainsbury’s to stop helping to boost the profits of companies which exploit land and water stolen by Israel.

International Law and Goods from Stolen Land:
It is illegal for any country to exploit for its own profit land which it is occupying by force as Israel is doing in the Jordan Valley. SAINSBURY’S knows this, but is still doing business with companies that benefit from Israel’s crimes.